A Beer Ads That Offer Advice On Picking Up Women

A series of Molson beer ads that offer advice on picking up women is being criticized for violating the industry’s voluntary advertising code, the Wall Street Journal reported July 28.

The ads show a "Molson man" with a wallet packed with pictures of grandparents, orphans, and pet — all intended to impress the ladies. Other "tools of the trade" on display include business cards for yachts and private jets.

The Marin Institute says the ads violate the marketing standards established by the industry’s Beer Institute, which says ads should portray alcohol responsibly and in good taste. Noting the association between alcohol and sexual assault, Marin called the Molson ads "offensive" and "cynical."

Molson isn’t a Beer Institute member, but the company’s prospective merger partner, Coors, is. A Molson USA spokesperson said the ads are not deceptive, but portray beer as a "very social beverage" and that the humorous spots were not meant to be taken seriously.

Amon Rappaport, a spokesman for the Marin Institute, said, "Giving men the tools to deceive women is not responsible or in good taste."