Alcohol Without Liquid

The Trust Lounge in Manhattan is set to debut a device in which people inhale an alcoholic mist, but city officials are taking steps to ban the machine, Fox News reported Aug. 19.

Westchester County Executive Andrew Spano is pushing for a local or state ban, arguing that the Alcohol Without Liquid (AWOL) machine would attract underage drinkers.

"This is really attractive to youngsters," Spano said. "It’s portable, and it will wind up at parties with kids. We don’t want it in Westchester, and in fact, we don’t want it in the state."

Kevin Morse of Spirit Partners, the American distributor for AWOL, said the device gives users a feeling of well being without causing hangovers. Created in England, the machine costs between $3,000 and $3,600.

"It’s just a fun new way for adults to experience alcohol," Morse said. "A lot of people haven’t seen the machine yet and are acting off of a lot of rumors."

Although no bars in Westchester have purchased the machine as yet, Spano said any establishment would have difficulty determining how much alcohol a customer is inhaling.

Suffolk County Legislator Jon Cooper is also looking to ban the machine, with the county legislature set to discuss the issue at an upcoming hearing.