How To Choose A Drug Rehab

While there are many drug rehab centers, choosing one in-state is a challenging experience. There are a few reasons that make choosing a drug rehab something that takes time and understanding of particular addictions, their specific addiction treatments, and the amenities needed to provide a comfortable living space for addicts. Each addict, alcoholic, drug addict or eating disorder patient requires specialized needs. Now more than ever, drug rehab programs can be tailored to each patient’s needs.

Customization is one of the most important aspects of a drug rehab program. A drug rehab center should have different programs each tailored to specific types of addiction. Remember, there is no “one size fits all.” Whether you are the addict or you are researching on behalf of a loved one, choosing the right drug rehab can literally mean life or death consequences or tens of thousands of dollars for re-admissions.

What to Look for In Drug Rehabs

  • Experience working with different types of addictions
  • Customizable drug rehab program
  • Friendly, informed staff
  • Holistic treatment (yoga, massage, acupuncture)
  • Relapse prevention / Alumni program
  • Price

Drug Detox in New Jersey First and then Enter the Best Drug Rehab

For first-timers, you need to know that most if not all New Jersey Drug Rehab Centers will not accept addicts while under the influence. The first stop is a clinical detox center. New Jersey drug rehab centers are always able to make recommendations to detox centers. Choosing a detox center is much less of a conundrum than choosing a drug rehab center because detoxing is a medical procedure that most nurses can handle. It’s quite literally the processes of getting the toxic substances out of the addict’s body. The process can take more than a few days depending on the addictive substance but professionals can help ease the pain and reduce common withdrawal symptoms. Once the process is completed a drug addict will be admitted to the drug rehab of her or his choice.

Dealing with Relapse and Relapse Prevention in New Jersey

Contrary to popular belief, relapse rate is generally just an arbitrary figure. The fact of the matter is that many drug addicts relapse. A great drug rehab center will try to limit that chance by providing resources for addicts at their weakest moments. Your comfort is important to the staff, so feel free to ask them a lot of questions before you commit.

Unfortunately, relapse is real and could happen to anyone trying to overcome an addiction. Addicts respond to a variety of stimulus that may trigger relapse. That’s why choosing a drug rehab center with a comprehensive relapse prevention program should be as important as the drug rehab program itself. A proper relapse prevention program will:

  • Provide 24/7 helplines for addicts after the drug rehab program is completed.
  • Provide an easy transition from drug rehab to New Jersey area Alcoholics or Narcotics Anonymous Programs.
  • Encourage friends and family members to seek out their own support structures in the form of Narcotics Anonymous or Al-anon groups.
  • Know the warning signs of relapse and be prepare to act quickly to get the addict back to drug rehab as soon as possible.

Understanding and preventing relapse can play a crucial role in the overall recovery of an addict. When selecting a drug rehab center in New Jersey or beyond, make sure that they will be available to help you or your loved one once they graduate from the addiction recovery program.

The Best Drug Rehab Center

Unity Rehab in Hobe Sound, Florida has provided a wealth of resources and sponsorship for a number of our academic writings on the topics of addiction treatment, detox, drug rehab and full recovery from all addictions. They work with New Jersey residents to provide local detox solutions and then transport to the warmer, serene climate in Florida. For many the added benefit of out of state drug rehab in Florida provides incentive and added security. We are proud to have UNITY as our Florida Drug Rehab partner.

New Jersey Drug Rehabs – Prices

Price can often become a dominant issue in selecting a rehab. But drug rehab, like many esteemed products and services, is one where you get what you pay for.  A 28 day stay at a drug rehab center can cost anywhere between $12,000 and $90,000 with most of the best centers falling in between $18,000 and $30,000. Programs that offer packages above the $30,000 are likely up-charging because of their prestigious name or for a litany of “fluff” services.

Be prepared to spend, but there are alternatives. It is not very well known that there is room for bargaining and some world-class drug rehab centers even have scholarship programs for special cases. Many drug rehab centers are flexible with their pricing and have financing options. $30,000 is a small price to pay for the life of a loved one but you want to choose the most comprehensive program to ensure that your money is well spent.

About New Jersey and Drug Abuse

Why is new Jersey so hard hit? The DEA’s New Jersey State Fact Sheet explains it all. Like most of the U.S., New Jersey has suffered from a waning economy, an exodus of middle-class jobs and an underfunding of public education. All of these nefarious conditions combine and collate with the increased abuse of elicit drugs.

Losing ones job and being unable to provide for oneself or family creates an inestimable feeling of helplessness. With easy access to drugs and alcohol and plenty of problems to go around, New Jersey has been and remains to be in the top 20% of states with illicit drug activity and clinical addictions. Part of a drug rehab program will be centered around identifying and counter-acting triggers that caused the addiction and will cause relapse in the future and one of those factors may be geographic. That is why we suggest a warmer, sunnier climate like Florida.

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Choosing a drug rehab center in  New Jersey or elsewhere may be the most important decision of your life. Price is important, but so is the quality of the program and the aftercare solutions. Take into account all of the factors and make the decision that is right for you or your loved one. Seek financing options if you can’t afford the mid-priced clinics. I wish you luck.